English Verb Tenses English Verb Tenses

Do you know about the verb tenses? What's the difference between the present perfect and the past simple? Are you sure? How about the past perfect?

Many students have problems with verb tenses. But they aren't really very difficult, I promise. Here you'll find really clear examples and explanations, so you can easily review all the English tenses - firstly how to make them (the 'form'), secondly, how to use them (the 'use')

Present Tenses

Past Tenses

Future Tenses

On this page we'll look at the verb tenses (videos)

The Future Continuous Tense is used for actions that will be done progressively in the specific future. It is used with the auxiliary verb "will" plus "be" and then a present participle. Watch the video about The Future Continuous Tense HERE

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